Do It Yourself? – House Inspection

Are you thinking about hiring a professional inspector or do your own pre-purchase house inspection? Both are the best options. You can inspect the house yourself before writing an offer to it and take some notes.  Then you can put the results of your inspection which can affect your offer, and hire a professional inspector before closing the deal.

Why is it best to do both? First, it opens to the possibilities of getting a better price. Which is very important on fixer uppers which may not have entirely predictable costs. The leaking toilets, damaged doors and windows and every other little things that becomes part of the negotiation, because you can point them out. You can make a low offer instead, of course. If you have a good reason for giving a lower offer , the seller is more likely to accept it. You can include you lists of “concerns” to the offer, as an explanation and good justification for the lower offer.

As you walk through the home, use a good inspection checklist. To keep you from forgetting anything. Take note of the things that you do know, and tell the professional inspector what to look at.

How do you choose the right person(s) to inspect the house?

You have the most reputable companies for specific inspections that are customary in your  area and pest control companies will do them inexpensively.

For general pre-purchase house inspection, it isn’t easy to get the right person

but its easy to get licensed for general home inspection in most areas. You might want to consider inspectors with real life experience, like a former builder or tradesman that has real experience with everything from electrical work to  roofing to plumbing. These kind of inspectors can help suggest solutions and cost for those.

Inspectors are good in giving estimates for any repairing problems. You could be re-negotiating the price the price based on his findings, so you need some idea. Contractors can give you quotes on big problems, but you need to know at least what are the big problems. A good and expert inspector should be able to tell you.

House Inspection Tips and Steps

  • Do a DIY ( do it yourself) house inspection, but it is also advisable to hire a professional as well.

  • An inspector with a relevant experience is a huge factor in doing house inspections.

  • Ask and see if the inspector can note estimated cost for repairs next to any problems found.

  • For you to learn more, ask if you can be there during the inspection.

To have a thorough house inspection, follow these steps and tips. This will avoid you from going over-budget on your renovation and repair plans.

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